Since glass glare on some shaped lenses is nearly impossible to avoid, please bring along an empty pair of frames similar to your own for your session. This will aviod any extra charges to remove glass glare. Many Optometrists will loan you a pair of frames at no charge.


We believe in using props that have special meaning to you. We invite you to bring any props you would like to be photgraphed with. Letter jackets, sports outfits and equipment are good examples. Also included in this category are pets, your boyfriend/girlfriend and your car or truck.


When scheduling your session, consider skin coloring. Putting your session off until late in the season may not be a good idea if you lose your tan quickly. Healthy summer skin usually photographs better. If you choose to tan prior to your session, don't allow yourself to burn, peeling skin is difficult to retouch.


Try to arrive at your session ten to fifteen minutes early. If you are late it will only shorten your session time. We have a dressing room for you to dress in at the studio. Please try to have your hair and make-up ready when you arrive.

for the GIRLS...

Hair - Hair styling should be appropriate to the clothing selection. Avoid new hairstyles or having your hair cut or permed the week before your appointment because your hair needs time to adjust to the change. If you would like to change your hairstyle during your session, this can add a little more variety to your photographs. It should, however, be a simple change that can be done quickly.

Make-up - Make-up for photographs should only be slightly heavier than normal. Too much make-up tends to give you that painted look, too little might not show off your features. A loose translucent powder is helpful to eliminate shine especially for oily skin. Since most portraits concentrate on the eyes, great care should be taken to make them perfect. Avoid using excessivley bright colors, glitter and mascara should be neat and without clumps.

Clothing - Bring the colors and outfits you feel best in. If you like an outfit, it's probably because you look good in it!! Some things to avoid are stripes, bold patterns and prints that distract, bright florals and clothing with words on it. Denim always photographs well, as do solids, primary colors and black and white.

for the GUYS...

Grooming - Hair should be neatly combed in an appropriate style for clothing. Avoid getting your hair cut the week before your session. Make sure that you are clean shaven before your session. Retouching can always hide blemishes but not razor stubble. Any mustaches or beards should be neatly trimmed.

Clothing - If you are unsure of what clothing to wear you may bring several outfits and we will help you select what will look best. Make sure that your shirts are pressed to avoid wrinkles. Denim, white, black and solid earthtones almost always look good. Casual clothing allows you greater variety as well as expressing your personality. Things to avoid: Bold stripes and patterns, prints that distract, neon colors and clothing with any wording on the front.

Senior Ring - If your girlfriend has your senior class ring, don't forget to get it back and bring it to your session so it can be included in your photos.